April 2013:

This amazing lady passed into Spirit in January. Here is the card from the funeral service.

The Greater World wrote a lovely Obituary. Click here to see it as a Jpeg.

July 2010: The promised new design isn't yet forthcoming I'm afraid..

I've added the picture from artist Patrick Gamble (a link here to his web site: http://www.patrickgamble.com) that he kindly agreed to us using.

We are blessed by many visitors, it seems. Please feel free to write to me at: dcharlwood.gmx.de with any questions or thoughts. Thank you.

May 2009: Tried a new colour scheme. New Website being designed...

April 2009:


There have been so many people on the website looking for Nanna's books that I had to rush to get something up. It's not what the final website will be, but it'll do for now.

contact: david@davidcharlwood.eu

God Bless