Ashabatu - The Red Hawk Tapes

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From the age of eleven onwards, the author of these web pages, Freda's eldest grandson, was entrusted with many of her special 'treasures': hierlooms, stories from our family's history, insights into her life, and hours and hours of cassette tapes recorded during the Rescue and Healing Sessions she peformed with her beloved husband, Jimmy, in the seventies and eighties.

Over the years, these tapes were painstakingly transcribed from Cassette onto paper, then into the computer. As most of the tapes were recorded on an inexpensive portable tape recorder placed on a table in a front room at one of various locations, often when a lorry or motorbike drove past on the nearby main road, the recording is barely audible and some words had to be guessed or left out.

Many people reading this will know and love Freda and her 'Spirit Guide', Red Hawk, and were perhaps present when he spoke these words, or on other occasions. For others, let me try to explain:

Freda is a clairvoyant trance Medium. And I am not, so I haven't a clue what happens really! She says, she moves her 'spirit' out of the way to allow someone else's to briefly take her place in her own body...

Below are a few transcripts in PDF format of some of Red Hawk's wonderful monologues, spoken using Freda's vocal chords. They cover a period of over two decades, and it is fascinating to see how they change over the years.

Just click on one and it will open in Acrobat Reader in a separate window (nearly everyone has Adobe Acrobat, if not you can download it free off the Internet).


1979  Harvest Festival

Recorded during a Service at Falmouth Spiritualist Church,
that Freda calls: 'The Lighthouse on the hill'.

1979  Red Hawk, with help from 'Boy'

Talks about:
Nanna's stubbornness!
the World of Spirit, his own life ca. 2000 BC, the Bible, Progression

1979 Red Hawk and Boy

Talk about: Time in Spirit, Floods, Responsibility

1980 Red Hawk, with Boy

Talk about: God's many 'Mansions', God's love, Prayer

1980  Red Hawk, with Boy

Talk about: Dunkirk, working for Spirit, more info about Red Hawk

Talk about: Silver Birch, Comforters (Guardian Angels), Healing, Red Hawk offers more info about his 'People' .

2005  Red Hawk, with Boy

Talk about: Spirit, God the Builder