Red Hawk

"... probably a bit further up the ladder to medium, but not, he told us many times, a really big Angel, but so very dear to me. I think I had been aware of him all my life, and I now call him my Guardian Angel."
                    - from Freda's book, 'Little Angels'.

The illustration above was created by Cornish artist, Patrick Gamble, a friend of Freda's. To me, she wrote, 'this (picture) is exactly as I picture my 'special friend'. Even with the bird in his arms, and the only the three feathers. "I am not important - I am humble man", he once said. Who is the Indian greeting him from across the abyss - could it be Running Water? Or possibly just my great grandfather from the Black Kettle tribe?

Speaking through Freda, Red Hawk often described his life on Earth 2000 years before Christ on land that is now long lost under the sea.

The 'Revelation' of where this land was located came much later.

Red Hawk's people lived on islands that fell into the sea over many hundreds of years. The very last pieces of this land, small islands, were 'destroyed' (Red Hawk's description) and the last people fled on boats. He managed to survive the sea journey, along with others. They had miraculously rounded Cape Horn and struck land south of Chile.

On tape recordings from Freda and her husband's many Rescue and Healing sessions, Red Hawk is always asked, or offers, a little more information about himself. Jimmy once accused him of deliberately 'appearing' to them as a Red Indian in the classical sense - as we imagine them after watching all those Cowboys and Indians films. But Red Hawk would say, "You no understand. Me Cabouche!"

The author of this website's attempts, not only to understand the word being spoken, figure out the spelling, and then the meaning, led him to the Indigenous People of South America.

This was before the 'Revelation'.

All there was to go on were the words Red Hawk said on the tapes, "South America, bottom end, now underwater..."

After many glorious summer holidays visiting Freda over the last years, Red Hawk often came through to speak to those who were gathered at her home, at the wonderful Spiritualist Church on the hill in Falmouth, or to me alone, and gradually a picture of his life began to form ...

The Prayer of Red Hawk

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